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About us

PJA MOLDES specialises in Engineering and Management of Projects for Injection Mould Industry. Acting for the most demanding sectors of activity. Following a strategy of strengthening the company´s competitiveness and position in the international market, acts in straight cooperation with Polisport Group's production unit - Polisport Molds


What we do

PJA MOLDES produces injection moulds for the plastic industries in various sectors, namely Automotive, Electronics, Packaging, Aeronautics, among others. 

Our success is intimately dependant on the success of our clients and therefore our will to innovate is driven by them.The combination of our equipment with the specialization of our technicians ensures the quality of the manufactured moulds, as well as a strict fulfilment of delivery deadlines. We stand by the client from the moment of the development of the product until its conception, seeking continuous improvement in the manufacturing process, thus ensuring the quality of the moulds and the fulfilment of deadlines.


How we do it
PJA produces and makes available an installed factory capacity of machines and equipment for the production of high quality moulds.

Our Services
. TopSolid-developed 3D  
. CAM (Depocam)
. Prototype moulds
. Bi-injection moulds
. Multiple cavity moulds
. Moldflow studies
. Product Development (R & D)
. High speed/ accuracy CNC machines
. Production capacity of moulds up to 12 Tons.
. Machinations up to X2500 Y900 Z800 mm